Gameplay Programmer

Luck of the Coin

Made in Unity

Luck of the Coin is a roguelite game I created in just two weeks for Roguelike Jam 5. The theme was "Two Sides of the Same Coin," and I wanted to do something unique that built upon the core roguelite gameloop.

To achieve this, I made each door have a spinning coin above it, with two potential rooms represented on each side. The player chooses which room to enter based on which side of the coin they want to land on, effectively giving them a 50/50 chance. Adding onto the risk-management of deciding the best route, each room is also given a level to determine its size, number of enemies, and rewards. For instance, a level 3 gold room is loaded with gold but swarming with enemies.

Luck of the Coin
X Luck of the Coin

Notable features:

  • Procedural Generation: I used a grid-based system with Synty tiles to generate random rooms of varying sizes, complete with holes for added movement depth and the ability to outmaneuver enemies. The further the player progresses into the dungeon, the more everything scales with them, such as enemies gaining more HP and dealing more damage, and the weapons found becoming stronger.
  • Combat System: This was my first time implementing an actual combat system in Unity. I used scriptable objects for each attack, allowing me to easily add new attacks and give them their own animator overrider. I modified the starter 3rd person controller to make the player slow down and move forward with their attacks, making combat feel more refined. Different weapon types, like the sword, axe, and hammer, were also implemented.

Feel free to check out the game on Itch.io or check out the source code through Github. The credits.txt file contains information on any assets I used.