Gameplay Programmer

Tower Defense

Made in Unity

This is a procedural terrain generation tool that I created to experiment with making dynamic and interesting terrain. It utilizes perlin noise alongside user parameters such as the seed, perlin stretch and height multiplier. This tool works fully in the Unity editor and during runtime.

Procedural Terrain
X Procedural Terrain

Notable features:

  • Perlin Noise: The core of the heightmap generation is based on perlin noise with a random seed.
  • User Options: The user can change multiple parameters to completely change the terrains generation with perlin stretch and the height multiplier.
  • Edge Handling: To give the terrain a more island like look the terrain gradually lowers the further it gets from the center.
  • Runtime Texture Mapping: During runtime the Splatmap is created using the terrain steepness and height at different points to apply textures such as grass, dirt, stone and sand.
  • Path Creation: Paths are dynamically created using waypoints and the navmesh system so that roads can connect different places of interest.

Feel free to check out the tool on Itch.io