Gameplay Programmer

Thief Gone Rogue

Made in Unity

My latest project, Thief Gone Rogue is an ARPG, set in the bustling city of Silverstone. Players will assume the role of Darian, a skilled thief who finds himself drawn into a world of danger and intrigue as he becomes a monster hunter to combat the recent surge in monstrous activity. The game features a small, detailed map for players to explore, complete with quests and enemies to battle. Throughout the game, players will immerse themselves in the captivating story and atmosphere of Thief Gone Rogue, showcasing various systems I've created for it.

Thief Gone Rogue
X Thief Gone Rogue

Notable features:

  • Player Controller: Top-Down controller with mouse based controls.
  • Combat System: Simple combat system with modifiers being received from the inventory items.
  • Inventory System: Includes equipable items, using scriptable objects, with modifiers to various player stats such as damage, speed, health."
  • Procedural Item Generation: Items were randomly generated via a custom editor script
  • Quests and Dialogue: Both systems have editor scripts that make adding new quests or dialogues intuitive for the designer

Feel free to check out the game on Itch.io