Gameplay Programmer

Third Person Controller

Made in Unity

I created a Third Person Controller with a heavy focus on the 3C's, Character, Camera and Control. I used a state machine to facilitate those and to allow a modular approach to the player actions allowing for a system that can easily be extended to add more functionality. One of the major features implemented is the climbing system, it uses raycasts to detect where the player can climb to alongside checking boundaries like if the player is touching the ground. The animation is through a basic climbing animation modified by inverse kinematics with a editor set limb offset for more control, the climbing animator uses the offsets alongside the current position of the player to determine where to put each limb.

Notable features:

  • State Machine: Used state machine to separate player actions and allow simple extensions of the code to add more actions.
  • Climbing: Implemented using raycasts to determine appropriate climbing areas and inverse kinematics to animate limbs.
  • Character, Camera and Control: Using the various states, there is a heavy focus on the 3C's with different ways to control the character alongside multiple camera types such as free look and targeting.

Feel free to check out the game on Itch.io